Re: APRSIS32 won't start (was GPS Week number rollover bug issues?)

Rob Giuliano

This is unrelated to the GPS issue discussed.
You should change the subject to fit the topic. 
One of the biggest benefits of the group is the ability to find answers, but when the topics don't match the discussion, it gets VERY frustrating.

As for the issue, I assume you are talking about APRSIS32 not starting, and only getting to the bar across the middle of the screen.

Two highly probable issues:
  1. No or limited internet - maps and other information cannot download
      Could be blocked by firewall settings or something (not likely at home, but mine is at work)
  2. Did not extract the APRSIS32.exe file from the zip file and place it in a folder that can be written to.
      Windows is now very particular about writing files to folder such as "Program Files" and "Program Files (x86)"
      Best to create your own folder structure.
        My favorite is "C:\WinApps\Radio\{Application}"     where application would be APRSIS32
            other categories might be "Electronics\{Application} 

Robert Giuliano

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Subject: RE: [aprsisce] GPS Week number rollover bug issues?

I have a WINDOWS 10 computer and when I try to install APRS SI it get a block of white on the middle of the screen and cannot adjust it.  My computers are 64 bit machines.  Any idea what I’m doing wrong.
73 Rick
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Subject: [aprsisce] GPS Week number rollover bug issues?
Hi All,
I use my Kenwood D72A and D710A with APRSIS32.  I have been reading a lot more recently about the GPS week number rollover bug (see link below from the Dept of Homeland Security or Google this if you are not aware of this).  I have contacted Kenwood and K6VHF, the manufacturer of the aftermarket GPS unit for my D710 and Kenwood but so far there is no information yet available.  I have other units from DeLorme, Garmin and again, little info is available.  I have tried to contact manufacturers and update the firmware on my devices but I now have so many GPS devices in so many places that I am likely to overlook some until they are deployed in the field.  Wh at preparations are you taking for this if any?  I use and have used APRS and GPS to coordinate and support search and rescue activities, boy scout adventures, ARES RACES activities, off road vehicle navigation, nautical navigation, hiking, backpacking etc.. and am not sure how likely this is to cause problems.  My brother in law is a pilot at American and has received conflicting information.  A lot of the legacy navigation systems in small planes have the potential to be affected.  It could be a lot of concern for first responder agencies and ARES RACES units if their equipment or public users equipment goes out.  This may be more hype like Y2K or it could cause a lot of headaches and problems for people given how ubiquitous GPS systems are in our lives.  What have you heard?  What preparations are you taking?  Thanks.
Anthony Mascola


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