Re: Keeping Map Centered on Me?

Lynn Deffenbaugh

Jason Tuggle, K2ENG wrote:
I am running the first recent update. Now for some reason (even though the "center" is checked) it will no longer keep my station centered on the map. I have to keep clicking on my station and selecting center.
If you double-click on the Heading box (beside or below the large speed box), it will first re-center the map on some other station that you were tracking. The next time you double-click it, it will return the center to you. Alternatively, if you click on your own station ("Me"), it should have a check-mark and the Center option checked. If not, check it and the map should stay centered on your station again.

Anyone else having that issue? Perhaps it's something I'm not doing correctly?
I'm trying to figure out some visual cue what mode the client is in. It might be a) statically centered because of a drag, b) statically centered at your "Preferred" view, c) Tracking center on some arbitrary station, or d) Tracking center on itself. If there's an artist out there that can come up with some small visual icon that shows these four states (or the first 3 and the lack of the icon is the fourth), I'd be interested in their ideas. I'm thinking to add such an icon somewhere at the edge of the map which will toggle through the various states when double-clicked until it gets back to state d.

If this doesn't get the tracking restored, let me know and I'll see what else I can figure out.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

Jason, K2ENG

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