Re: GPS Week number rollover bug issues?

Rob Giuliano

We care!

As for navigation in New Jersey - that place is crazy.
Even if you have an address.  No 2 documents list the same road the same way.  One sign says the highway number when the navigation tool labels it a street name or it will have a different designation all together.  If 2 roads share the same pavement for a section, you never know which will be referred to. 

Robert Giuliano

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My thinking is to save myself a heck of a lot of time and agrivation by just “being aware” of potential glitches on that date and time, and otherwise, just waiting to see.
If everything works afterwards, then look at all the headache I saved by not trying to upgrade every one of my GPS enabled devices.  For those with life-and-limb criticality on that exact date and time, then of course it makes sense to upgrade prior…  But I am too lazy for that. 
And besides, no one cares where I am anyway… ;-)
And all a speaking GPS does for me is make sure I get lost…
Try using a GPS in New Jersey in the middle of the night without an address.  I went in circles and you-cant-get-there-from-here deadends… for an hour even though I knoew I was within a mile of the place…
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Hi All,
I use my Kenwood D72A and D710A with APRSIS32.  I have been reading a lot more recently about the GPS week number rollover bug (see link below from the Dept of Homeland Security or Google this if you are not aware of this).  I have contacted Kenwood and K6VHF, the manufacturer of the aftermarket GPS unit for my D710 and Kenwood but so far there is no information yet available.  I have other units from DeLorme, Garmin and again, little info is available.  I have tried to contact manufacturers and update the firmware on my devices but I now have so many GPS devices in so many places that I am likely to overlook some until they are deployed in the field..  What preparations are you taking for this if any?  I use and have used APRS and GPS to coordinate and support search and rescue activities, boy scout adventures, ARES RACES activities, off road vehicle navigation, nautical navigation, hiking, backpacking etc.. and am not sure how likely this is to cause problems.  My brother in law is a pilot at American and has received conflicting information.  A lot of the legacy navigation systems in small planes have the potential to be affected.  It could be a lot of concern for first responder agencies and ARES RACES units if their equipment or public users equipment goes out.  This may be more hype like Y2K or it could cause a lot of headaches and problems for people given how ubiquitous GPS systems are in our lives.  What have you heard?  What preparations are you taking?  Thanks.
Anthony Mascola


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