Re: passcode request

Rob Giuliano

The passcode was sent off list.
This is being posted to the general group to ensure you have the full answers you need - in case the passcode is what you needed,  but probably was.

APRSIS32 is an amateur radio application (32-bit and works on Windows 7 32-bit) that interacts with the APRS-IS (internet system).  Because the infomration is passed on and off RF on Amateur radio frequencies, it is not intended to be used with GMRS or other radio services.

APRSIS32 has no requirements for passcode to run the program.  The program will NOT connect to the APRS-IS system without the passcode.
The passcode sent to you directly was for your amateur radio callsign and connection to APRS-IS from within APRSIS32 (Menu item >Configure >General, and enter it in place of the -1 in the Passcode box) or other APRS client application (such as Xastir, WinAPRS, YAAC, UA-View, ...).  It will not work for GMRS callsigns, nor will it work in a general login box such as the one on (top right corner).

What were you trying to "sign-in" to that you were unable to?
If you have more questions, please post to the general APRSISce Yahoo group and this group will be more than happy to provide more information.

Welcome and let us know how it is going.

Robert Giuliano

From: "GLENN HOKE GLENN.HOKE@... [aprsisce]"
To: "aprsisce-owner@..."
Sent: Sunday, January 6, 2019 12:57 AM
Subject: passcode request

I received a couple emails from the moderator but still can’t seem to sign in or be recognized, so I guess I still need a passcode.
My name is Glenn Hoke and my home station is at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx in Green Valley, CA xxxxx. I have a Technician class amateur license KK6KEA,  and a GMRS license WQTM410. I hope to set up on my laptop running Windows 7 32 bit.

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