Re: Sonundblaster

Rob Giuliano

Glad you found the issue and it wasn't a costly one.

Robert Giuliano

From: "Michael Coslo mjc_n3li@... [aprsisce]"
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Sent: Saturday, December 29, 2018 11:31 AM
Subject: Re: [aprsisce] Sonundblaster

Okay, I found the email problem. For some reason a majority of the posts in the aprsisce yahoo group were being sent to my junk mail folder. My reader is now happy with all the group postings - I have no idea why only some were getting flagged.

Anyhow - the problem was not in aprsisce, nor in Soundmodem AGW. They were both configured in a proper manner.

The problem was in the USB to serial adapter that was provided by West Mountain with their nomic interface. that adapter demanded both of the lines DTR an RTS on serial be checked. Since there is no option in Soundmodem for controlling that - that adapter simply will not work with the program.

Since I had some other adapters sitting around - I tried one and it works now.

- 73 Mike N3LI -

> On Dec 19, 2018, at 4:14 PM, Rob Giuliano kb8rco@... [aprsisce] wrote:
> There is way more information needed here and most have to do with non-APRSIS32 parts.
> You should not use a serial port (COM) or Bluetooth port as the RigBlaster Nomic has no serial communication.
> AGW should be controlling the PTT.
> So it is there that you must focus the always keyed issue.

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