Re: APRSIS Internet to RF | I-Gate | Software to Kenwood TM-D710A


Hi Fred N7FMH

Thank you for your valuable inputs.

I am using the software in Windows 7 computer. I am able to do the test using CTRL-G  as suggested given filter example - b\VU2RCY-13 (weather station) and some more Calls,  but I do not get to see anything on CTRL+I.

Plus, I am yet to make changes to the software. the Dev version. 

Do I need to place the filter under Configure > General > And its a filed called Filter? what all filters should I use so that only VU Call Signs be it station or weather station from INDIA they get Igated IS-RF when they show up on the software as beacon?

We can connect directly as well, if need be.

Appreciate your time and support.

Karan, VU2YEP

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