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Fred Hillhouse

Typically you don’t want to push data from the APRS internet servers over RF. It has the potential to overload the APRS frequency and then no one can use it. Rather than push all “VU*”, it would be best to pick out the important stations and only push those.


From previous postings:


Follow the instructions on the Wiki below to upgrade to the latest Development version.


APRSISCE/32, in the Development version only, supports gating packets

from the APRS-IS to local RF based on a filter setting. This is

experimental at this point, and is not persistent, so you need to re-do

the sequence after any IGate restart.  To set up this -IS to RF gating,

follow this procedure.


1) Hit Control-G with the main window focused.  This will bring up a

"Test Filter" window where you enter your desired filter.  In your case,

the filter would be b/VE2SE-2.


2) Once the filter is entered, a new FilterTest trace window will come

up.  I encourage you to monitor this window for some period of time

(hours or days) to ensure that ONLY your desired packets are being

selected by the filter.  Otherwise, go back to the Control-G window and

tweak the filter.


3) Once you are satisfied with the filter setting, you can promote the

filter to an IGate filter by typing Contol-I (eye) with the main window

focused.  You will be asked to confirm your intent to set the IGate

filter.  After clicking Yes, all filter-selected packets should be

transmitted to RF as 3rd party packets.


4) Once you have confirmed your gating intent, a new IGate(Filter) trace

log will open that will show all packets transmitted due to this setup.




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Fred N7FMH


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Hi All


Seasons Greetings!!


I am an active users of APRS32 Windows App with Kenwood TM-D710A. I have Yaesu FT-2D from New Delhi, INDIA.


I am currently getting APRS Packets Transmitted from Computer APRS32 software to Radio and then received on my FT-2D. Main SSID, Objects created by me and TM-D710A SSID is getting transmitted at regular intervals. 


However, I also want that all VU prefix station beaconing via Internet and showing up on my computer screen or specific prefix to get through from the Internet on to RF via Kenwood TM-D710A then get displayed onto our APRS enabled radios like Yaesu FTM-400 or FT-2D or Kenwood TH-D74 etc;  so that I and other users on the APRS freq. can get APRS data from other VU stations and WX stations of INDIA as well as other my usual SSIDs. 


Would appreciate where and what specific changes to be made? 


Happy Holidays!!



Thanks & Regards 73 Karan, VU2YEP


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