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Rob Giuliano

There is way more information needed here and most have to do with non-APRSIS32 parts.
      You should not use a serial port (COM) or Bluetooth port as the RigBlaster Nomic has no serial communication.

AGW should be controlling the PTT. 
So it is there that you must focus the always keyed issue.

Possibility 1:
You cannot open the same COM port in APRSIS32 that AGW is using as the PTT.  If Flow control is set to "Hardware", that will cause the radio to transmit.  The connection between AGW and APRSIS32 needs to be over TCP/IP.  In APRSIS32, your radio port must be an AGW port with an IP (or localhost) and port number (typically 8000).  Menu >Configure >Ports >New Port and choose Type AGW.  Next Choose TCP/IP ...

Possibility 2:
If you are using an AGW port and still having issues, it may be how AGW is configured for PTT
I didn't see where the Nomic needs external power, so I would think that one or both of the RTS/DTR lines are suppose to be for PTT.  By turning them on, you are putting the radio in transmit mode. You say you had to enable them before on other software, but there seems to be no references that indicate they should be "ON".

Possibility 3:
Since the issue comes up when you open the port, the only thing I can think of that could cause this issue would be any commands that are being sent to AGW and it is interpreting them as data to send.

Robert Giuliano

From: "Michael Coslo mjc_n3li@... [aprsisce]"
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Sent: Wednesday, December 19, 2018 2:21 PM
Subject: [aprsisce] Sonundblaster

I’m certain this will prove me the town idiot, but I’m attempting to set up APRSisce/32 with my Icom 746 and a Rigblaster nomic.

Tried two different computers - a little Insignia Flex, and an HP Envy I57200 CPU @2.5 GHz Running Windows 10 Home.

I’m using soundmodem for an AGWPE.

I have the programs talking to each other and I’m seeing skawks and positions, but I’m having some trouble transmitting.

When I open a com Port, as soon as I accept it, it goes into transmit mode.

I’ve used the device before on other software, and as long as I have RTS and DTR enabled, it stops and starts like it should.

Any help is appreciated!

- 73 Mike N3LI -

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