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Greg D

Hi Rob,

Great info; going to archive this one for posterity! 

I guess I've been lucky.  The GPS puck I have is connected to a Raspberry Pi in my car (so isn't using ARPSIS32, but rather YAAC), but it is seen as a serial device.  I don't remember the brand, however.  I think I got it from SparkFun.

Greg  KO6TH

Rob Giuliano kb8rco@... [aprsisce] wrote:

lsusb does only provide the IDs and bus info as you say.
I was more generally referencing getting the information on the USB part of the GPS puck. 

Some GPS units don't report as USB serial devices (either FTDI or CP2102 type devices) so never link to /dev/ttyUSB# at all.  One example I experienced was based on the Atmega 32u4F with firmware that reports as a GPS USB device.  As another exmaple, I don't think the Argent Data T3 inside the F301 data radio did not show as a ttyUSB# device.  Most assigned  /dev/ttyACM# as the device.

So, in those cases, you really I created udev rules based off the lsusb information to created files in /dev that can be linked to COM# in WINE. 
I had several for different :
  TNC-X        /dev/tncx
   FC301       /dev/fc301
   Standard USB-to-TTL I used for CAT control of my FT100D, FT900, etc.
       /dev/ft100, /dev/ft900, ...

in the case of the T3, it had vendor=0x134a product=0x9000, so an example udev rule would be:
SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTRS{idVendor}=="0x134a", ATTRS{serial}=="T30001", SYMLINK+=”fc301”

SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTRS{idVendor}=="0x0403", ATTRS{serial}=="001011", SYMLINK+=”ft900”
SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTRS{idVendor}=="0x0403", ATTRS{serial}=="011001", SYMLINK+=”ft100”

I have found it best to use as few comparisons as possible, but make it to ensure the rule becomes unique.  serial numbers are the best way.  Since many usb to ttl adaptors are TDI, the vender ID is same, so the serial number will determine which link.  

Robert Giuliano

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Rob Giuliano kb8rco@... [aprsisce] wrote:
For your USB GPS puck, that will depend on how the GPS reports itself to the Linux OS.  Greg's advice of using 'dmesg' will provide the information, or you can plug in the device and at the prompt type lsusb.
At least on my system, lsusb only displays the USB device information (manufacturer IDs, strings), but not the /dev/ttyUSBx info.  Do you get more on yours?

Greg  KO6TH

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