Re: Recompile for Linux.

Stiv Ostenberg

Hi all;

The recompile for Linux thing started me thinking (not entirely about the port).  The first question that arose was “What development environment is being used?”.  I personally use Visual Studio primarily, though I have used NetBeans and Eclipse.  I sent to the APRSISCE site to see if I could find out and saw the title of the page “The future of Amateur Radio APRS”.  I was not able to find the information on the code.

I am in Korea, and am just a rookie ham who got a license and is starting to get involved in ARES.  A lot to learn, and APRS is high on my list when I get back to the US.  My question is this:
APRSISCE looks great.  It Is a cool tool that is evolving. I have no problem with not having access to the source code, except that I have seen many cool programs that went stagnant when key people went through life changes and lost interest. To really be “The Future” some mechanism would have to exist to make the software open source (which risks the project fragmenting and forking until it died from confusion) or the project had a mechanism to ensure its continuity. 

I don’t consider myself a great developer, but I like to mess with source code and have done some pretty cool things (IMHO).  I need to learn how to use the software, then I may want to try helping out if anything pops out I think needs improvement.

   What is the plan for the future of APRSISCE along those lines?



To the person who was so down on Windows I say this:  I came from a Mac background and moved to Unix.  I learned Windows supporting virtualization and eventually ended up at Microsoft for a decade, then back to Linux and the cloud.  I understand the joys of bashing one environment over another, but in the end an environment exists for a reason.  You choose the environment that facilitates accomplishing what you need to do.  For all it’s flaws, Windows is at the core a set of API’s and an environment that is popular for a reason. Visual Studio is my favorite IDE  which lends itself better to writing code for Windows, though I used it for working across platforms as well.  Microsoft is working towards making .NET cross platform though it will never be as robust as the native Windows code.  People that bash Windoze (or Eunuchs or Hacintosh) seem like shortsighted troglodytes who do not realize that the Internet connects all those platforms, and the diversity simply gives us more options and a more vibrant Internet.  I guess that makes my an Internet Polytheist making fun of the Monotheists.  Sigh. And that makes me no better than you…..

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