Re: Recompile for Linux.

Greg D

Oops, typing too fast...  Not tried Play, but if it's based on Wine, it should work.  That said, the registry stuff might be interesting, depending on how they manage it.

If all else fails, I'd just drop back to straight Wine, and go from there.

Greg  KO6TH

Greg D wrote:

Check out the link that Rob provided to the instructions.  The key to making it work is adding the registry settings, otherwise ARPSIS32 won't see any serial ports to connect to a TNC.  Even without the settings, you should have Internet-provided packets delivered in real time, just by firing up the software and getting your initial location set..

I'm not familiar with Mint Tara specifically, but just make sure you have the Wine package loaded.  Then go to the folder where APRSIS32 has been extracted and run 'wine aprsis32.exe' from the command line, and you should be off and running.  Copying the configuration file (aprsis32.xml) is probably not a good idea, since it contains paths to things that won't match up on your Linux box (at least, not without a lot of fiddling).  The maps can be copied, if you're careful, but since they self-load, it may not be worth the trouble unless you're running without an Internet connection or have severely limited bandwidth.

Good luck!

Greg  KO6TH

Larry Ellsworth - K6KUS k6kusman@... [aprsisce] wrote:
Just trying to get things going. Sure could use some help from whom ever wants to get me through it. I have some working knowledge of linux. I'm currently running Mint Tara and have installed Play on Linux so.. ready too roll from here. I have a fully configured version running my Igate on windows.. What I would like to do is just grab that full dir off the windows box and pop it into the linux box and then go through and config the ports and get it up and running. Thanks in advance. If you want to talk me through it I can call U or U can call me and guide me through it. Anywho.. thats where i'm at,

Larry Ellsworth       K6KUS

On Wednesday, December 12, 2018, 2:12:05 PM MST, Greg D ko6th.greg@... [aprsisce] wrote:


Also running it here for something like a decade.  Very stable.

What sort of failure are you having?

Greg  KO6TH

Rob Giuliano kb8rco@... [aprsisce] wrote:
I've been running it in "straight WINE" for a very long time.

Robert Giuliano

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Hello. I don't remember if I have asked this before but.. What's the chance of porting the software out to Linux?. I have tried to use it via crossover or play on Linux and have not had any luck. I'm trying to get away from windblows all together but not being able to get the software to work correctly is about the only thing keeping me on windblows. Any way i'm sure there are others would love to have this software ported to Linux. Thanks and have a Merry Christmas and happy new year.

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