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Fred Hillhouse

In the meantime:


You might be able to run your NMEA from the TT4/GPS into serial port sharing software. Then not only APRSIS32 can use it, but also other applications requiring a COM port. The COM will be virtual but it works. I did something similar with an OT3. I was able to use the data with APRSIS32, a GIS application, an OBDII application, and a couple of other items.


I have done a couple of different things to share a GPS. One was to use an old Android phone and load “Share GPS”. This allows sharing the GPS across a network. The other thing I did was connect a GPS to a Wi-Fi to serial adapter. The adapter was homemade using an ESP8266 and GPS module.


On my wishlist, the ability for APRSISMO to use a network GPS. Then I could use a GPSless tablet. It may be possible now but I haven’t found how yet. ;)



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Fred N7FMH



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Hi Lynn and group,

I want to toss the following out as a possible enhancement/wish list item please....


I had a need a while back to run multiple GPS driven applications and in my case, I'm running APRSIS32 with my GPS data relayed via GKRELAY on my TT4.   Do you think there's any appetite to have APRSIS32 strip the KISS relayed GPS data back to it's native NEMA protocol and provide it via a TCP port for other applications to digest?


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Keehan - VA6KD


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