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Hi All


Not sure if this is going to help.


Correct the Kenwood TM D-710A does not have a GPS and putting in the GPS position and pressing “USE”  it will transmit in APRS mode on the TNC.

Do you need to change the rig from APRS mode to packet mode on the TNC setting?  Change from APRS12 to Packet12 and get the PC to intake the received data and send out the data.

Use the position when first setting up the program and turn off GPS “Enable” then “GPS Enable” to OFF.


I use the Kenwood 700 in TNC mode and have very little issues only the TNC and PC sometimes not talking.


Hope this sorts your problem.


Min Standen G0JMS



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Thank you, Rob. The Kenwood TM-D 710A that I have does not have GPS, depended on an external NEMA device. I have set the location in the APRS submenu to my QTH. I thought APRSISC would follow.


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I am not following your description:

  iGate is KD9EEE

  iGate is KD9EEE-1


I think your IGate is the APRSIS32 instance and your  DIGI is the D710?

The only way I know of changing the position in APRSIS32 is to ZOOM and Transmit, then asnwer "Yes" to "move 'Me' here", unless there is a GPS connected and you are using it. You can use this to move it back - if that is the insta nce with the issue.


As for the D710 - not familiar, so someone else can hopefully provide insight.  I do know there are 2 means of connecting to the D710 and one resets something in the radio (callsign I think).  Again, others with the radio might be able to help.


Robert Giuliano



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I set up my digipeater and igate. Kenwood TM-D710A, Windows 7 pro running in a VMWare fusion VM. Everything WAS fine. Today I get home and my iGate thinks it is on the other side of Milwaukee. Don't remember setting up an separate lat/long location in APRSIS. The digipeater still show where it is supposed to be. iGate is KD9EEE and iGate is KD9EEE-1. Restarted both and I am still a bit confused as to why the discrepancy. 


I am a newbie at this. Needed and iGate in the SE portion of Milwaukee County.


Your help is appreciated. I am going to the manual, also.


Mark Dallner



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