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Thank you, Rob. The Kenwood TM-D 710A that I have does not have GPS, depended on an external NEMA device. I have set the location in the APRS submenu to my QTH. I thought APRSISC would follow.

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I am not following your description:
  iGate is KD9EEE
  iGate is KD9EEE-1

I think your IGate is the APRSIS32 instance and your  DIGI is the D710?
The only way I know of changing the position in APRSIS32 is to ZOOM and Transmit, then asnwer "Yes" to "move 'Me' here", unless there is a GPS connected and you are using it. You can use this to move it back - if that is the instance with the issue.

As for the D710 - not familiar, so someone else can hopefully provide insight.  I do know there are 2 means of connecting to the D710 and one resets something in the radio (callsign I think).  Again, others with the radio might be able to help.
Robert Giuliano

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I set up my digipeater and igate. Kenwood TM-D710A, Windows 7 pro running in a VMWare fusion VM. Everything WAS fine. Today I get home and my iGate thinks it is on the other side of Milwaukee. Don't remember setting up an separate lat/long location in APRSIS. The digipeater still show where it is supposed to be. iGate is KD9EEE and iGate is KD9EEE-1. Restarted both and I am still a bit confused as to why the discrepancy. 

I am a newbie at this. Needed and iGate in the SE portion of Milwaukee County.

Your help is appreciated. I am going to the manual, also.

Mark Dallner

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