Re: how to send chat message via digipeater RF-only?

Rob Giuliano

Lynn just confirmed, your beacon path is what is used for the message.  You just stated your beacon path is WIDE2-1, so
you don't need to add anything else in the message box.  You message will be sent to KB2QXA via the path WIDE2-1.

Your local digi is "UTICA" and should still DIGI according to APRS standards (probably WIDE2).  Even though the "name" is "UTICA" it will digi according to that stations parameters.  You path of WIDE2-1 should be received by "UTICA" and passed along, just like any other APRS message. 

Your station (assumed to be "named" "KP3FT" or KP3FT-ssid) will digi WIDE1-1 according to the settings you listed below.  These are aliases being used to allow general digi-peating.

However, if your path were WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1, it may not digi you message unless a fill-in (WIDE1) digi repeats it first.   It would have to be configured to relay WIDE1-1 or have "preemptive" enabled.

Are you not making it to KB2QXA, or have you not tried because you were concerned with the path?
If you know you can hit UTICA, you might try changing your beacon path to WIDE2-2 as an extra hop to make the trip.

Robert Giuliano

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Subject: Re: [aprsisce] how to send chat message via digipeater RF-only?

All transmissions by APRSISCE/32 use the beacon path.  This includes messages being sent via RF.  APRSISCE/32 does not currently allow custom path specifications for message QSOs.
Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

On 11/24/2018 12:27 PM, Jeff KP3FT kp3ft@... [aprsisce] wrote:
Hi Robert,

Tnx for the reply.  I should have clarified, it's the path parameters that has me confused.  Lets say the local wide-are coverage digi is alias "UTICA".  I want to send a message to KB2QXA on the other side of the hill.  We both have access to UTICA, but not each other. 

I can enter KB2QXA in the message box, but can't enter in anything else as it's limited to 9 characters max.

My beacon path is WIDE2-1, and digi path is set as a home fill-in: <DigiXform>WIDE1-1=WIDE1*

On Saturday, November 24, 2018, 1:10:08 PM GMT-4, Rob Giuliano kb8rco@... [aprsisce] wrote:

When you are using the MESSAGES (Menu >Messages >Send Message...)
  and you are in the chat box (bottom left), click Best (even though grayed out) and the RF-Only is revealed.  You then have to click that to enable the RF-Only.  It must be chekced and the button under it will read Send RF.

When you hit the Send RF button, it will use the same path parameters as everything else. (Lynn can verify).
Robert Giuliano

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Subject: [aprsisce] how to send chat message via digipeater RF-only?

How can I set up APRSis32 to use the local digi to send a message to another station who within range of the digi, but not within range of my station?  RF-only.

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