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Rob Giuliano

I am not sure if your copy of AGW is missing files.  You will need to read up on installing AGW on your computer and make sure that is running properly.  I recommend AGWMonitor as a tool for checking the installation without interfering with the data stream to your APRS client.

There are 2 separate configurations required:

1. From the menu
    >Configure >Ports >APRS-IS
    Here the IP or DNS setting needs to be an APRS-IS domain name.
        IP or DNS:
                  Port:  14580
    Also required is the APRS-IS passcode from Menu
      >Configure >General >Passcode
    If you do not have a passcode, the instructions are here:
    Be sure and provide your name as it appears on your amateur radio license.

2. RF port using AGW style port
    From the menu
    >Configure >Ports >New port
    Here, the port type will be AGW and the name: VHF   {or anything you like to identify it by}
    Hit >Create>
    In the pop-up labeled Select Port type choose TCP/IP
       IP or Domain:    {or localhost}
                     Port:    8000           {Match you settings
     Double check all the setting of your new RF port (VHF(AGW) in the next pop-up.

Configuration 1 sets your port to the internet and the passcode is required for your data to be seen by the internet servers

Configuration 2 sets your AGW port for RF traffic inherits the callsign of the APRSISce/32 configuration.  That is why it is grayed out.
   agwtcpip.sys is a file used by the AGW application and "as far as I know" there is no callsign. 
   With AGWpe, the callsign-ssid should be in the configuration of the client using the AGW device driver.
   Opening AGWPI.INI or Port#.INI files did not show any callsigns

AGWTerminal that requires a callsign (where the default would be SV2AGW)?  AGW can only connect with 1 client (but the AGWMonitor can be connected as well  AGWMonitor does have a "MyCall" settings which would default to SV2AGW, so you should change that - even though it is only monitoring.

Robert Giuliano

From: "Jerry Abrams jabrams4@... [aprsisce]"
To: aprsisce@...
Sent: Sunday, November 4, 2018 10:17 PM
Subject: [aprsisce] IGate Problem

I reconfigured my Igate setup on a new computer.  Still using Win XP.  I
created a soundcard port labelled VHF.  I now get APRS-IS and VHF
alternating saying both are ok.  The APRS-IS port shows my callsign and
the icon (R inside a diamond) greyed out.  The VHF port has the callsign
space blank.  Which port do I enter the TCPIP info?  I have tried both with port of 8000 or with the port of 14580.  I
had to restart the computer and when I ran AGW I received a message that
agwtcpip.sys is not found.  There is the generic file with that name
having the default callsign of SV2AGW.  This is before I ran the
aprsisce program.  I am not seeing any packets transferred via I gate to
the internet.  So what am I doing wrong?  GPS Coordinates are correct.

Jerry WB2ZEX (WB2ZEX-10)

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