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Rob Giuliano

First, if your only purpose of the TNC is KISS mode with computer applications, it is common to set the TNC in KISS mode through some external configuration and use a Simply(KISS) port in APRSIS32.  Of course this would require that the TNC remains in KISS mode over power cycles / resets.  If your TNC does not remain in KISS mode after a reset or power cycle, then APRSIS32 can configure the TNC when it opens and closes the RF port.

You will need to review the manual for your model of the SCS Robust Packet TNC to determine:
1. If the TNC holds the KISS mode over power cycles
2. The commands required enter KISS mode and to exit KISS mode.

What to look for in the manual:
Search the manual (assume the PDF is searchable) for "KISS".  You should find the needed information, such as:
   Some TNC's use the INTerface command to change the TNC interface with the computer.  Something like INT KISS
   Others only require a simple command like "K" or "@K"
Don't forget to continue reading to find how to exit KISS as well

With #2, you can edit the XML's and replace the OpenCmd and CloseCmd with the commands from your manual.

I recommend starting with a Simply(KISS) port and editing the commands from there:
These are in Send ! Expected Response ! Time delay with the "!" to separate these commands.
In the above, the "~" suppresses the carriage return after the "empty command" to ensure nothing is sent.

So, from here we determine if more lines are required.  If so, just copy the line you need extra of.
Then edit what is between the > <, leaving the ! in place as the separator.

So 2 examples:
Example 1:

Example 2:

In example 1, I removed the "~" so that it will send  and wait for the TNC to send "cmd:" or 2 seconds.
It will then send the INT KISS command with and wait 2 seconds - this allows the TNC to respond.
   NOTE: with most TNCs, KISS mode does not send "anything", so you cannot look for a known response

In example 2, it sends @K (some TNCs use this command for entering KISS mode)
   NOTE:  If APRSIS32 does not like the @ character you can use ^064K)

Robert Giuliano

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i want to use my scs robust packet tnc in  kiss mode  with aprsis32 ,
need how to edit aprsis32.xml  to init it  in  kiss mode .
a copy  of the xml file  for  it  will  be apreciate.
Jean-Pierre  ve2se

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