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Rob Giuliano

There are 2 methods:
1. Set your KPC in KISS mode (stays between power cycles)
    Use Simply(KISS) port in APRSIS32 - default OpenCmd and CloseCmd (top 2 lines)
    There is a couple of exe files by K5DAT to automate this,
     He also includes a batch file which changing state before (enables) and after (disables) running APRSIS32.
2. Configure APRSIS32 to place the KPC in KISS mode on start an exit KISS when closing.
    Edit the xml with OpenCmd and CloseCmd as indicated by Greg (K7UHP)

#1 is easiest in my opinion.  The upside of #2 is that if you have the TimeOut setting in APRSIS32, it will open and close the port which includes changing the INTerface setting.
I will also comment that most TNCs (KPC3s included) try (more accurately want to) use hardware flow control when in KISS mode.  This is because the "smarts" are in the computer, not in the TNC.  So as the computer gets all the data it can handle, it can "hold off" the data flow.  XFLOW uses software and keys in the data stream.  If a Byte comes through which is part of the XFLOW protocol, the computer and TNC will act on it as such, not as data.  This seems to impact TX data (PC to TNC) more than received data.  I HIGHLY recommend turning XFLOW OFF and using a full RS232 cable's flow control pins in KISS mode.

Robert Giuliano

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Create the new port in Configure>Ports>New Ports. When creating the new port for KPC3+ select Simply(KISS).  Close APRSIS32.  Open the APRSIS32.xml file where APRSIS32 is stored at with notepad or similar.  Look for for the port you just created.   You can verify as the RFPort Name should = KPC3+.   Replace this:

Good Luck
Greg -K7UHP

On 10/30/2018 9:45 AM, n2djs@... [aprsisce] wrote:
Do I enter this directly into the TNC through PUTTY?

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