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Non graphical APRX runs well on the Pi, I am using it to send my weather data to APRS.

APRX allows TCP links to other systems so it should be possible if I remember correctly to link it to APRSISCE, will give it a try and report back





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Although this group is for APRSIS32, the discussion of the Pi and interfacing can be related by connecting it "to APRSIS32" from a client on the Pi. That is where a "mapless client" and even an old Pi seem to be most beneficial and work with linked cell phone connection, possibly even APRSISMO (if you can figure out how to connect through BT).


That said ...

Yes, the map handling has improved since the Tiger Maps went away.  Still a bit slow on the Pi though, but then I have not tried Xastir on a Pi 2 or Pi 3.

     Xastir has a Pi version available

          sudo apt-get install xastir

     or find it in the software installer on your Pi

     NOTE: this is not typically the latest, but it ensure you install everything you need 

                 compiling your own afterward is easier. 



Robert Giuliano



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I sometimes run YAAC on a Raspberry Pi 2 in my car, linked to my cell phone in hotspot mode for the connection.  Works pretty well.  I recently installed a mobile rig (though only QRP) in the car, so next step should be to get Direwolf running and drop the cell connection.

Xastir is a native Linux application, so I expect it should be possible, if not trivial, to compile it for the ARM platform and run it directly.  Oh, give or take the X-windows bit.  Yeah, that could be a problem...

But if you think back to the very early days of APRSISCE/32, I was one of the first to get APRSIS32 running under Linux/Wine on my underpowered x86 machine.  I did that because Xastir was so horribly slow at rendering the OSM maps, after the Tiger service was turned off.  It would be interesting to see if Xastir has gotten any better in this regard in the intervening years.  Otherwise, it will probably be too painful to use on the Pi too, even natively...

Greg  KO6TH

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I've been told that WINE is really slow on the Pi, but I' have also read that some folks have successfully executed xastir on the Pi.

I was successful once in the past at running APRSISMO (under MOAI) on the Pi, but it would be better described as "crawling", not "running".  Screen updates were VERY slow because it was using X instead of native graphics.  I attempted to update MOAI to use the native support, but gave up before being successful.

That said, aprsc, a non-graphical APRS server, was actually tested on the Pi by Hessu (of fame) and AFAIK, he still has several Pis running aprsc in a data center somewhere.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

On 10/26/2018 7:35 AM, Adrian Burg ve6tdx@... [aprsisce] wrote:

Hey guys.

Has anyone ever tried to run aprs on a pi3 ? I just picked one up and i am playing with it right now. I put castor on and give it a try. It worked fine. 


Adrian, ve6tdx




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