Re: Shrieks and Popup Menu (Dev: 2018/09/10 11:42)

Greg Depew

While your in there changing things, can I make a request to have center me removed from the right click menu in multitracks. It's very close to the return to station menu and sometimes when panning around a stations tracks and clicking return to go go back, I choose the center on me option.  If I do that and the station hasn't been heard in a while I've just lost that multitrack and have to readd it. 


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Subject: [aprsisce] Shrieks and Popup Menu (Dev: 2018/09/10 11:42)


I just pushed out a new (mostly tested) version of APRSIS32.  It
includes the following:

1) View / Shrieks menu now shows the station that was first seen using a
given !shriek!

2) Shriek entries (max 32) are now re-cycled if a new !shriek! is
discovered.  The first !shriek! that no longer has any active stations
will be replaced by the new !shriek!.  Hopefully this will alleviate
(but no eliminate the possibility) of overflowing the maximum number of
supported !shriek!s.

3) A new Shriek trace log tracks the creation and replacement of
!shriek! entries.  If the maximum is ever reached, then logs are added
here for each station whose !shriek! is being ignored.  The log must be
Enabled to see these entries.

4) Corrected a right-click popup menu bug that caused random stations to
be centered if selecting a Trace Log from the menu. This bug only occurs
with LARGE (>40,000) numbers of stations known to an APRSIS32 instance. 
My full-feed (both APRS-IS and Firenet) currently has 60,300+ known
stations, 768 of which are StrikeSquares (LS-*) and GridSquares (SZ-*)
objects from Blitzortung-logged lightning strikes.

5) Forced a full rebuild to continue diagnosing SA3PJN's startup crash
issue on Windows XP.

Note that I have NOT yet seen the new !shriek! replacement logic fire,
so it may be borked.  YMMV, but I'll get it fixed quickly if it doesn't
actually work out.

Also, if you upgrade a Windows XP machine to this version, please post
whether it works or not to the group!  I'm stumped as to what SA3PJN's
issue is, even with a .DMP file provided by him.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

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