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Greg Depew

Hi Greg, Greg here! My ports that work have the following check boxes checked. Aprs is config: enabled checked bulletin checked messages checked Beacon checked Telemetry checked xmit enabled checked. Quiet time 60 Rf to Is and is to rf checked.

On the rig pot I have: enabled checked bulletin check messages checked Beacon checked Telemetry checked DX checked xmit enable checked rf to is checked is to rf checked quiet time 300

Hope this helps.

Also under enables menus make sure aprsis and internet  are both checked. And under ports in the same menu. All and your rf port are checked and recieve only is unchecked.

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Hi Randy,

Yes, thought of that.  The radio is set to beacon every few minutes (whatever the default is).  I made sure that it has a correct location set first, and force a beacon so that the HT shows up on my iGate's map before trying to exchange messages.  Local messages always work; remote to an IS-connected station almost always do not.

The only thing I can think of is that I have a filter set for "s//Q" in the general configuration window, which I think was added to display the earthquake data from Firenet.  Don't see how that would matter, but it was one change from the default.

Greg  KO6TH

Randy Love rlove31@... [aprsisce] wrote:
How often are the HT and the your iGate sending posits?

Aprs-is takes that into account also, I believe.
I seem to recall issues with 2 way messaging if there wasn't a posit sent from my HT within a reasonable amount of time before or immediately after the message.

There's some complicated stuff going on with the aprs-is servers when re-routing messages back to RF, and part of it is based on posit in relation to iGate locations.

Just for kicks, try sending a posit from your HT ( that is relatively close to your iGate reported position ), then do the message over the aprs-is and see if that works for you.


On Thu, Aug 30, 2018 at 2:02 PM, Greg D ko6th.greg@... [aprsisce] <aprsisce@...> wrote:

Hi Randy,

Actually, I think the way APRS works is that any (all) stations who heard you (Lynn's question about being "local") will participate, assuming they're bi-directional.  Bob's design depends on the FM capture effect to eliminate all but the most local one from being received.  I may be confusing this with how Digipeating works...  Is it something in the IS filtering at play?  Perhaps you're on to something...

Either way I'm not thinking it's the issue.  My attempts from home definitely have my own station as closest, and since I was running the HT on extra-low power, it should (*) be the only one who would have heard me.  I get 100% success in sending messages in both directions between the HT and the home station.  I only have a few successes out of a bunch of tries going between the HT and anything on the IS, be that the ISS prediction server, or another laptop running APRSIS32 without a radio.  Messages make it from the radio to the destination, but the reverse path never gets from IS to RF through my home iGate.  Neither the "On Air" LED on the radio nor the PTT LED on the TNC ever comes on.

(*)  I am running the HT on EL power for two reasons...  One is to keep things local, the other is because my home-brew 12v power supply crowbars with too much RF in the shack.  But if per chance the Digi up the hill (20 miles distant) did hear me, even once, would that have poisoned the IS filtering such that my own iGate would see the reply (it displays in the messages icon in the upper right corner), but not act on it?  Is this why would it work for 1-1 message exchanges, but not when the destination is elsewhere on the IS?

Greg  KO6TH

Randy Love rlove31@... [aprsisce] wrote:
This may or may not be the source of your concerns, but I blame this type of uncertainty on RX only iGates.

The route back to any station on RF from aprs-is is via the first iGate that heard you, usually closest to you, that you are part of it's 'local' area. This is configurable in most full service APRS software.

If that iGate happens to be RX only, well, no other iGate is going to route that return message back to you out an RF port.

This is a simplified version of the issue. The whole dynamic is a bit more involved, but the truth is that if you are gated to aprs-is by an RX only iGate, then there is no return RF path for you message. 

I could be wrong, but that's the way I understand the works between aprs-is <-> RF ports.

Good luck with your issue.


On Thu, Aug 30, 2018 at 1:16 PM, Greg D ko6th.greg@... [aprsisce] <aprsisce@...> wrote:

Yes, of course.  I see the traffic being received, or rather, one instance of the traffic (since any dups are removed), but I don't see the return path.  And since the return path can be from multiple sources (anyone who heard the outgoing message), it's nearly impossible to search for, since the filter is for the originating station, not the destination, and I can't tell who else heard the initial message but were duped out.  I look for messages of KO6TH-7 and I do see them (5, in fact, from just the dennys4 attempt), but not who was involved.

As The Red Barron told Snoopy, "Curses, foiled again"...

I guess the request goes back to Lynn for guidance on where my config might be off (I've sent him the XML), or if this is possibly a bug in the code, just to know it's been logged.

Greg  KO6TH

Bill Vodall wa7nwp@... [aprsisce] wrote:

Look at the raw packets at Findu or Fi

On Wed, Aug 29, 2018 at 8:59 PM Greg D ko6th.greg@... [aprsisce]
> It appears that somewhere in the greater area (the site is several miles away from home) there is an iGate that does work, though I don't know which one it was, or what the path was to get to/from it. But, it can work. For packet tracing, the message to ISS from KO6TH-7 containing the message "dennys4" is the one from the venue. Any idea what the path was, and (more importantly), why it worked?

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