Re: New Installation of APRSIS


Which 2 programs did you download?
Assuming one was APRSIS, did you mount it outside of the programs folder?

For example, I created a folder on my desktop and named it APRS, I then unzipped everything into that folder.

Easy to find, all Windows operating systems after Windows XP require the above method


Steve,  KF6WAX

On Wed, Aug 1, 2018 at 8:56 PM, jabrams4@... [aprsisce] <aprsisce@...> wrote:

After about 5 years, the fan on the CPU stopped working.  It was an old Win XP machine.  I replaced it with a Win 7 machine.  Downloaded the two programs,  In APRSIS I entered my callsign and my passcode.  When I click on accept, I do not see the program, but a very long and narrow rectangle with a small blue bar on the left hand side.  The rectangle just continually flashes on and off  I should be getting the oval map at this point.  The sound card interface was configured.  I was following the steps on YouTube as I just to set up an Igate. Callsign WB2ZEX.

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