Re: ARGENT OTM TRACKER3 digipeating


I do not care for the way this particular thread is headed nor its subject matter.

This is a discussion group for APRSISCE  and NOT  the Argent OTM Tracker3.

Repeating the same personal attack on a member of this group is unnecessary.

Consider this thread closed and please move it to the correct group.


Steve,  KF6WAX   List moderator

On Sun, Jul 22, 2018 at 3:15 PM, bwheelz05@... [aprsisce] <aprsisce@...> wrote:


You are the very definition of what hurts forums these days:

So now that you preached about how I just do not have the knoweldge or the skill set required to enjoy the APRS aspect of the hobby-  Could you have perhaps spoken about what exactly in my XML was in fact wrong and perhaps even provided a solution or even guidance? 

I followed the instructions at first as given in the software website as you see above but then decided to change the XML path when I noticed the digi being ineffective and experimenting with other settings WHILE READING AND RESEARCHING. 

The instructions provided didn't mention that following the XML editing was NOT for the OTM3. 

Did YOU read the instructions?  Do YOU even know what your really talking about??

Blanket question-  What has happened to Amateur Radio folks?  This use to be a hobby FULL of individuals whom although have more knoweledge would still feel honored to share their experience and that knoweledge when asked, no criticism. 

So this forum will not accept questions correct?  Lets just clarify   ...   That is misleading.   
James you seem like an intelligent individual yet you don't care to be any actual help.  You criticize and shame someone who doesn't have all the knoweledge and experience you do.  You seemingly put down someone  who asks questions about the VERY SAME topic this forum is about. 

How about we just consider shutting down this forum completely since some elitists here think because of their superior intellect, if others do not use the very terms or verbiage, those people are not worth the time for constructive discussion but that time would rather be used to shame them.

Let me ask you a question James: 

Have you even asked me whether I have in fact been reading/ researching before asking my questions?  Have you maybe even asked whether I've read up on APRS or have a basic understanding of the system? 

Doesn't seem like you did. 

Perhaps nobody else will condemn your remarks, and quite frankly I expect to be 'banned'- But I'm alright with that.  Ill still wake up happy and healthy every day and continue to ask questions to those willing to hear them.


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