Re: ARGENT OTM TRACKER3 digipeating


your unsubscribe has not shown up at Yahoo groups is all I can tell you Ernie, are you sure you really want to leave the group?
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Steve,  KF6WAX

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Glad I was able to use this tool.

Now how can I get off of this distribution address. Followed the UNSUBSCRIBE option at the bottom but does not seem to be effective.

Thanks in advance,

Ernie Miles, WB2UJL

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Check the manual for the T3.

I think the T3 connects at either 19200 (you had too many zeros), Or 115200.  I think the default for KISS is 115200, and the default for normal interfacing (changing settings) is 19200.

My FC301d with T3 was set to USBKISS ON and APRSIS32 was set to 115200.
As I recall, this change in baud rate caused me to open a terminal to set the USBKISS ON, rather than using and commands.

Not anywhere nesr my station, so I can't verify that.

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Understood-  Reset to Simply KISS-  Fixed that issue- Now I do not have to keep on resetting USB KISS in the TNC menu when I exit out of APRSIS-  Thanks!

-What do you think about the port config?  192000 or 9600?

Would like to use the OTM as a pass thru so would I still need to edit the XML with my current setup?  Obviously the program would have to be the IGate but I would like the radio to function as as the fill in digi.  Please see KB9UZO-1 (Igate) and KB9UZO-2 (the fill in digi)  .   Does this setup negate having to edit the XML for use as the digi?

One more question:  SCREEN- PATHS-APPEARANCE ;  is 'NETWORK /LInks'  open up the WHOLE 'picture' if you were or is it still showing packets that either had first, middle, direct or final paths though the TNC -OR- just area traffic ??

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