Fixed Stations w/GPS Settings

Lynn Deffenbaugh

Greetings, especially to those using a GPS on a fixed station,

I've learned in my testing that Genius Beaconing, in the default configuration, isn't really a good idea for a fixed station with a GPS that drifts around quite a bit. It can generate LOTS of position updates as the heading swings back and forth and/or the forecast position's error gets large.

I've found that if I simply set the Min Time in the Genius Beacon Settings dialog to something like 300 (5), 600 (10), or 900 (15) seconds (minutes), it really dampens down the position beacons.

Of course, if you'll be taking your station mobile, you'll want to go back and set that min time back to something more responsive like the default of 15 seconds or possibly more.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

PS. For my mobile installation (KJ4ERJ-12), I just toggle the phone off when I go indoors and toggle the GPS off, but keep the phone on, when I get home and re-tether it to my laptop.

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