Re: Filters. IS/RF RF/IS on various ports.

Rob Giuliano

beyond the map tiles, the only 2 files APRSIS32 uses are the execuatable (APRSIS32.exe) and XML (APRSIS32.XML).  There is a "safe file" backup of the xml (APRSIS32-safe.XML), but in theory, it isn't used (unless something is missed up in the working file).

The G and I filter functionality is still experimental.  Because a bad configuration could have a major impact on the RF channel load, the setting are not saved between starts. 

One reason is to ensure if you close APRSIS32 to quickly to stop an RF flood, it doesn't automatically re-flood when you start it.

Another reason is that there is still some experimentation and discussion on ways to ensure this feature doesn't flood the RF channel.  Right now it is up to the user to ensure their settings are "RF friendly".
Lynn's implementation of filters is a bit more capable than the standard, server side filters.  This includes additive filters for more control.  I am not an expert, but specific questions can get great results as many people on the list are much better with them.

Robert Giuliano

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Subject: [aprsisce] Filters. IS/RF RF/IS on various ports.

Hi. I have to admit I haven't read the APRSIS32 manual page by page; headlines plus few paragraphs here and there. Work and family commitments in the last few years have taken a heavy toll on my free time.

1.) I am not very sure whether I understand the filtering in APRSIS32. I don't think I have a clear mental picture of some of the APRSIS32 functions or structure, something like a flow diagram (logic chart).

  • If I set a filter in "Configure/General/Add Filter" I can see it in APRSIS32.xml as -b/M9XYZ 0
  •  If I set the same filter with Ctrl G it doesn't seem to be written in any APRSIS32 file (I did a search in every config file in the APRSIS32 folder).
  • Most importantly, the above filter (-b/M9XYZ) has no effect on the station, in other words, the station still gets digipeated by my WIDE1-1 digi (station M9XYZ heard over RF, digipeated over RF).
  • How do I setup multiple filters in "Configure/General/Add Filter" or the xml file? Are they comma etc separated? I have tried to add multiple ... lines in the xml file, but it doesn't seem to work.

2.) RF to IS, IS to RF on an RF port versus the APRSIS port.

  • If I enable RF to IS, IS to RF an AGW RF port for ex and have APRSIS disabled I assume the RF/IS RF/IS traffic won't take place?
  •  What is the purpose of the RF/IS IS/RF check boxes on the APRSIS port? How do they compete with the same checkboxes on a RF port?
  • In other words, if APRS-IS is disabled in the client, RF IS IS RF traffic can still take place? I in a bit of a logical mix-up here.

Much appreciated,
73, Julian, YO3FCA MØIPU

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