Filters. IS/RF RF/IS on various ports.


Hi. I have to admit I haven't read the APRSIS32 manual page by page; headlines plus few paragraphs here and there. Work and family commitments in the last few years have taken a heavy toll on my free time.

1.) I am not very sure whether I understand the filtering in APRSIS32. I don't think I have a clear mental picture of some of the APRSIS32 functions or structure, something like a flow diagram (logic chart).

  • If I set a filter in "Configure/General/Add Filter" I can see it in APRSIS32.xml as <!--CompanionCall--> <CompanionInterval>0</CompanionInterval> <Filter>-b/M9XYZ</Filter> <CommentInterval>0</CommentInterval>
  •  If I set the same filter with Ctrl G it doesn't seem to be written in any APRSIS32 file (I did a search in every config file in the APRSIS32 folder).
  • Most importantly, the above filter (-b/M9XYZ) has no effect on the station, in other words, the station still gets digipeated by my WIDE1-1 digi (station M9XYZ heard over RF, digipeated over RF).
  • How do I setup multiple filters in "Configure/General/Add Filter" or the xml file? Are they comma etc separated? I have tried to add multiple <Filter>...</Filter> lines in the xml file, but it doesn't seem to work.

2.) RF to IS, IS to RF on an RF port versus the APRSIS port.

  • If I enable RF to IS, IS to RF an AGW RF port for ex and have APRSIS disabled I assume the RF/IS RF/IS traffic won't take place?
  •  What is the purpose of the RF/IS IS/RF check boxes on the APRSIS port? How do they compete with the same checkboxes on a RF port?
  • In other words, if APRS-IS is disabled in the client, RF IS IS RF traffic can still take place? I in a bit of a logical mix-up here.

Much appreciated,
73, Julian, YO3FCA MØIPU

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