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Randy Allen

Thanks for the reply.

I've never messed with filters much, so I'm not sure I have this. If I read the APRS-IS filters wiki-dot page correctly (, then in the pop up box I get with Ctl+g I put the following in to get what I want?

t/n/30  for NWS weather and objects inside a 30km range?  Then the Ctl+i will then port them to RF?

I'll see what comes up in the filter test logs after we have some weather come through the area.

Thanks again and 73


1a. Re: Fwd: Porting WX Bulletins to RF
Posted by: "Greg Depew"
Date: Wed Jun 20, 2018 1:23 pm ((PDT))

You would use the Ctl+g command to setup a filter, either a range or box to send all packets in that filter to RF. Or there is the possibility of using a buddy filter to only put out your local weather office, however that will transmit everything from that office even if its 100 miles away. You should then sit and watch the log that comes up with Ctl+g for a couple days to make sure everything that's in it is what you want. Then Ctl+i will send it to RF.

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