Re: D74 with APRSIS32 won't transmit

Greg D

Running VBox or VMware might work, but I don't know how it would have proper access to the BT hardware.  Usually these sorts of things depend on the host PC to provide support to the device file level, and that lower level is where the trouble is.  USB is working now, so I'm good.  Getting BT to work that way would be WAY more trouble than it's worth at this point.  But thanks for the suggestion.

Greg  KO6TH

Rob Giuliano [aprsisce] wrote:

I prefer an virtual machine running a very limited install of Windows XP
for such occasions. XP can be stripped down pretty easily to not much more
than the operating system for a small virtualbox drive. That is if you
have an XP compatible Windows app.  Save the reboot time.

Option 2 would be run Windows and use Virtualbox for Linux.

Robert Giuliano

*From:* "Greg D [aprsisce]" (
*Sent:* Thursday, June 21, 2018 4:26 PM
*Subject:* Re: [aprsisce] D74 with APRSIS32 won't transmit

I don't think the Bluetooth issue is with APRSIS32 or Wine.  The device
seems to connect as displayed on the Linux side, but I never see the BT
symbol on the D74 light up, and a few seconds later Linux shows the device
as not connected.  So, I think something's not matching up in their
respective BT stacks, causing an error.  The D74's BT stack is known for
being a bit quirky, so this isn't totally unexpected as Linux isn't an
operating system that Kenwood supports.

I tried configuring a BT port for APRSIS32, hoping perhaps the connection
would stay up if there was something to talk to, but that didn't work.

I'll just leave things as they are for now, and revisit this perhaps
later.  The original plan for Field Day was to take the Netbook (running
Win 7), as it's more portable, has its own SIM for Internet connections,
and is less valuable, but the issue with gpredict forced the use of my
full-sized laptop.  It dual-boots with Win 10, but I strongly prefer to
leave it running Linux.

Greg  KO6TH

Rob Giuliano [aprsisce] wrote:

I have found that with APRSIS32 under WINE, you are always better off
linking to COMM ports.
Most Bluetooth devices are listed as /dev/rfcomm# (I think that is how it
gets listed).  I can double check when I get home

from within */home/{username}/.wine/dosdevices*
*ln -s /dev/rfcomm0 com8*

Then connect to Com8 in APRSIS32.

Again, I do not use a D74, but this works with all my Bluetooth devices I
use to connect to the TNCs

Robert Giuliano

*From:* "Greg D [aprsisce]" (
*Sent:* Thursday, June 21, 2018 4:05 PM
*Subject:* Re: [aprsisce] D74 with APRSIS32 won't transmit

Thanks, Rob.

Not sure what it was, but it's working now.  I was already in Dialout, but
added Modem and UUCP to the groups.  Logged out and back in and it's
working.  What's odd is that I could write to the serial device just fine
from putty (sending the ID command to the D74), and receive just fine with
APRSIS32, but not send.  {Shrug}

So, for field day I don't have to switch between Linux and Windows to run
the various apps that I need.  I only wish I could get the D74's Bluetooth
connection to link up with Linux.  Works fine in Windows with APRSIS32,
but then I'm, blocked when I try to run gpredict.  The Doppler tracking
isn't working under Windows, and I'm really hoping to snag 100 pts with
AO-92 mode L/v.  Perfect pass at 11:09 am local on Saturday.

Greg  KO6TH

Rob Giuliano [aprsisce] wrote:

Although I am not a D74 user, I have worked with various serial interfaces
on Windows, Linux, and other operating systems.

A couple additional things to consider:
* Could be that the radio is expecting hardware flow control (common with
KISS mode TNCs to ensure buffers don't fill)
This should be a setting in the radio and the Linux system.  Linux uses
stty to control the port settings.
* If the D74 is using Hayes AT commands, you typically go between "command
mode" and "use mode" with by sending *+++*
I'd be surprised if Kenwood is using the Hayes command set though.

Robert Giuliano

First thing to check is whether you have write permission for */dev/ttyACMo*
Most serial devices belong to the "dialout" group (/etc/groups).  Have you
added your username to that group?

If that isn't it, answer these questions:
What does the "port log" in APRSIS32 say when you transmit?

What happens if you leave PuTTY (under WINE or compiled fro Linux)
connected for awhile?
Does it show KISS packets or clear text?

The ACM# means that Linux thinks it is a modem (rather than a RAW serial
device).  This typically isn't a problem, but can be if the modem state is
"awaiting AT commands".  You can lookup an AT command to put in the
OpenCmd are to ensure it isn't in a "command mode" (could explain the
response to "id" as opposed to sending "id" out the TNC portion).

Robert Giuliano

*From:* "Greg D [aprsisce]" (
*Sent:* Thursday, June 21, 2018 2:55 PM
*Subject:* [aprsisce] D74 with APRSIS32 won't transmit

Hi folks,

Not sure if this is particular to the D74 or APRSIS32... I have the
Kenwood TH-D74 configured for KISS 12, and the Interface for KISS is
USB. USB is configured for COM use. The whole lot is hooked via USB to
my laptop which is running Linux. 'dmesg' on Linux shows the radio
serial port as /dev/ttyACM0, as expected. The device files under
dosdevices show this as COM33.

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