Re: Kenwood TH-D74 APRS12 Mode

Rob J.

Thanks all for replies,


>>Just curious...  Is there any advantage to running the D74 in APRS mode

The D74 has almost full APRS capability w/o any software package. In addition to seeing all the information (call, position, speed, distance, telemetry, weather info) it does beacon, SMART beacon and has a 2-way messaging facility. Basically everything except a map (due it the small display) and relay (which I don't need to do). When it's in KISS mode all that goes away.


Your suggestion almost worked! My system does not have CONVerse type ports available - do I have most current version? I only downloaded less than a week ago and it updated itself.

I tried "KWD710(Pkt)" type of port and it kind of worked as you described, but there are a huge amount of <OpenCmd> and <CloseCmd> lines in the config XML file that cause many errors (visible in log) while software tries to set-up something that does not need setup. Can I just delete those lines from the XML file to stop the set-up and pages of non-reply errors?

After it got through the setup errors it started accepting and putting up the stations on the map w/ all the APRS details though.

I'm running APRSIS on an 8" Windows 10 tablet - no Internet, just Bluetooth. I will try to get the GPS feed going from the TH-D74, if not I have a BadElf puck style GPS w/ NEMA output via Bluetooth to try.

Thanks again for swift reply.

73, Rob - KD2GRS

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