Kenwood TH-D74 APRS12 Mode

Rob J.


My apologies if this is a repeat question - I searched archives but didn't spot exact scenario.

I would like to use APRSIS with Kenwood TH-D74 HT in APRS12 mode via Bluetooth. I only want to use APRSIS to show stations received via RF on the map display. No beaconing, no digipeating, no messaging - just take in the positions and other data as received from D74 and plot them on the map. All this is completely disconnected from Internet as well (I pre-fetched all the maps for my area and turned off purging).

On the TH-D74 I made the following settings:
1. In APRS "Others", "PC Output" menu #580, choose [Raw Packets]
2. In Settings menu "PC Output (APRS)", #982, choose Bluetooth.

If I connect Putty up to the first virtual COM port I see APRS packets show up as stations are heard.

I set up a TH-D74 link in APRSIS to that same port. Data is coming in and being logged, but there is an error:

Port(Kenwood TH-D74):2018-06-14T14:48:24.951 KISS:Missing Leading C0[83]:W2TTT-2>T0RS7W,MATWAN,WIDE1,WB2ZII,W2AEE*:`f`*l X>/`"4+}146.520MHz QRZ de Gordon_%<0D>

If I put the radio into KISS mode (and connect to the second virtual COM port) in APRSIS it works , but then I lose all the APRS displays and features on the radio.

I could set APRS menu #580 to waypoints instead of raw packets - would APRSIS be able to deal with that? I don't see any take in waypoints, besides this I'm not sure there is a standard for them and any other APRS specific information captured would probably get lost in the process.

Thanks in advance,

73, Rob - KD2GRS

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