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On 4/28/2018 9:49 PM, mrfixit2003_975 mrfixit2003_975@... [aprsisce] wrote:

what do you mean by ME? nothing shows on map or the list on left side.

The center of your map should be ME.  If not, right click on an empty space and select Center on ME.  Or zoom out and see if it shows up somewhere.

the number in () in view all menu is 1

That would likely only be ME confirming that you really aren't getting any packets.

configure/scroller show all is checked.

Good, that means that any stations you do receive should be visible if you zoom out far enough.

if i click the aprs-is it says i have 12 packets sent 0 recieved

That also correlates to having received nothing yet.

i believe i am connected to the port 14580

Getting ME's popup menu will show the actual IP address of the rotation server you've connected to.  That information may help figure out what filter is being provided to the APRS-IS network.

i do have my passcode installed its nnnnn i think

That is the correct passcode for your callsign, but that really doesn't matter since receiving doesn't need the passcode, only transmitting.

Ok, now we need to know specifically which instance we're diagnosing.  You've got the following recent stations:

KF5AOK-5 - xastir last seen 15 days ago
KF5AOK-2 - APRSIS32 last seen 3 days ago, but it was mobile
KF5AOK - APRISS32 last seen 1 day ago
kf5aok-11 (case purposely lower) - last seen 15 days ago (Apparently xastir as well, but with a lower-case entered callsign?)
KF5AOK-9 - APRSIS32 last seen 1 hour ago.  If this were still active, I could have checked the server you were connected to for a filter.

Please check your Configure / General / Range setting and make sure that it is a positive number.  It is expressed in 1/10 miles, so a setting of 500 (the default) is 50 miles around ME.  If this is set to zero, you won't get any stations.  If it is set to 10, you'd only see stations within one mile of ME, also likely to be none.

With the location of KF5AOK-9, I suspect you'll need at least 500 and I'd go with 1000 to start getting stations as there aren't many in your immediate vicinity.

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Does anything by ME show up on the map?

What is the number in () on the All option of the View menu?  And is it checked?

Please ensure that you have Configure / Scroller / Show All checked.

If you double-click the panel that says "APRS-IS OK", what do you see for Sent and Recv packet counts on the second line?

If you bring up Enables / Logging / Port(APRS-IS), what do you see after waiting a bit?

What APRS-IS server are you connected to?  (Bring up ME's station information popup and check the last three lines).

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On 4/27/2018 11:11 PM, mrfixit2003_975 mrfixit2003_975@... [aprsisce] wrote:
i have installed aprsisce 32 on a laptop and it does not send or recieve packets. i have another computer in same boat. trying to see why not working. i do uave my passcode in place bit not seem to help. all i see is my calsign only at left menu and the aprsis says its ok. any suggestions?

jerry wetherholt

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