Re: Robust Packet I-Gate installation


In order to send the tracker or a PTC modem to KISS mode you have to insert in the configuration xml file of APRSIS32 a certain number of instructions.
If you go to the robust packet net portal and you download the Handbuch you will find the instructions needed for different modems and also for the tracker

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Subject: [aprsisce] Robust Packet I-Gate installation

I am trying to get a new Robust Packet Igate (VE7OI-10) on HF, 10.1473.  I have followed the best instructions I could find when installing  the APRSCE 32, the program seems to work, however, I have the feeling that the Igate does NOT since the SCS Tracker never shows the KISS red LED on.  Basically, I think the Tracker is not turned in to Kiss mode by the software.  If any on this group have experience with the tracker, I would appreciate any suggestions to get this Igate off the ground. My QTH is on Vancouver Island.

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