Re: Robust Packet I-Gate installation

Kevin Utzy


Not very familiar with this software (on my to do, which is why I joined this group) but I am familiar with the Tracker.  The Tracker is build upon "The Firmware" specification.  What I can tell you, it isn't like a TAPR TNC.  In order to get it into KISS a command needs to be issued which I doubt from what I have seen has been built.  Every Tracker TNC command is proceeded by an ESC before dropping in to KISS Mode with the ESC @K command.  Doubt that helps but I fairly sure that a Tracker interface for APRSISCE has been coded.


On 05-Apr-18 4:39 PM, hb9ibz@... [aprsisce] wrote:

I am trying to get a new Robust Packet Igate (VE7OI-10) on HF, 10.1473.  I have followed the best instructions I could find when installing  the APRSCE 32, the program seems to work, however, I have the feeling that the Igate does NOT since the SCS Tracker never shows the KISS red LED on.  Basically, I think the Tracker is not turned in to Kiss mode by the software.  If any on this group have experience with the tracker, I would appreciate any suggestions to get this Igate off the ground. My QTH is on Vancouver Island.

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