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Rob Giuliano

With newer operating systems, many things happen at the same time with new processors and multthreading.
I find that the "Start Programs" are more for legacy work. 

I prefer to start things with "Task Scheduler" at startup.  This can be found in "Windows Administrative Tools" in the menu on Windows 10.

In "Task Scheduler Library" add a task ("Create Basic Task" in right pane)and set it up to start
  KEY: be sure to set the "Start In (Optional)" directory to your path where APRSIS32.xml is.

Once setup, choose edit settings and on the Triggers tab set "Delay task for:" to like 30 seconds or 1 minute to ensure Windows has started.  You may reduce it later to see if it can be started immediately.
Robert Giuliano

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Sent: Sunday, April 1, 2018 1:42 PM
Subject: [aprsisce] Auto start

I've added aprsisce to the startup folder in win 10 but it doesn't work it acts like a new installation and short cut in the folder does nothing

I would like aprsisce to auto start after a reboot since it's on a pc at a remote site.

Has anyone successfully done this?

Jack Brian Cochran WC4J

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