Change to APRSIS32 interface to the radio (was: APRSIS/32 Passcode)

Rob Giuliano

I moved this to the general discussion for more assistance, but crossed out the regestration infomration.

This is not UI_View, so the regestration code for UI_View has no value.  If you are using this number with APRSISce/32, it will not work.  Where did you put the UI-View regestration number.

The APRS service Validation Number you sent to the "owner" list is valid and allows tyhe client to connect to the internet.  Since your concern is with RF, I assume you are connected to the internet OK, or aren't connecting to the internet.

For RF, APRSIS32 does not require any regestration or passcode.
When you say you have 'proven the radio works', what gives you that idea?

Let's ask specifics:
1. Do you see any callsigns in the left scroll bar with '*' next to them?
   This indicates they were received on RF
2. APRSISce/32 typically uses a KISS port.
   What kind of computer/radio interface are you using:
   TNC (model?) or Sound card interface?
   APRSISce/32 port type (KISS, Simply(KISS), AGW, ...)?
   Cables to the radio:  (TNC to Data Port, Sound card to Data port
3.  Have you been able to see decoded RF data in a terminal program

Can you better describe why you think it is a regestration problem?
What expectation is not being met?
Robert Giuliano

From: "Vaughn Lucock vlkteach@... [aprsisce]" To: aprsisce-owner@...
Sent: Sunday, April 1, 2018 1:09 PM
Subject: APRSIS/32 Passcode

Hi. Have installed APRSIS/32 and I am having problems with its use. I and forends have proven the radio works and all is ok but my PC/Laptops will not interface correctly with the radio. 

All cables work but I feel the problem may be my registration. I registered and was given what I think is the correct codes but after reading your help pages now I feel I may have not registered with the correct group.

the information I have is as follows:

Callsign : M0VLK

Name : Vaughn Lucock

UI_View Registration Code : ############

APRS Service Validation Number #####

Please can you check this is correct and if not please forward a new code. If correct please forward any help you may be able to offer.

Many thanks for your expected help

Vaughn Lucock

M6HJZ 73 to all

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