Re: Mobile Tracker & Mobile I-Gate in Tandem

Rob Giuliano

That number corresponds to the KISS protocol stream.

This is similar to a dual radio port communicating with KISS where one stream is one radio port and the other radio port on another stream. 

If I recall, stream 0 is the standard communication stream in the TT4.  So, if set to zero and used, it would interfere with the KISS RF data.  The TT4 then uses this setting as an "ignore this".  When set to any other value (1,2,...) it will send the data on that stream and the attached device (computer) can handle the data as an additional data stream.
Robert Giuliano

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All I had to do was to set GKRelay to 8. It was a zero. Thank you very much. What is the significance of the numerical designator for GKRelay?

Victor, KB5AKO

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