Re: Mobile Tracker & Mobile I-Gate in Tandem

Rob Giuliano

Assuming your TT4 has a GPS connected, you need to pass the GPS data through the TT4 the computer port, then tell APRSISce/32 (APRSIS32) to look for the GPS data.

Assuming the A-port is connected to the APRSIS32 computer and the TT4 is in KISS mode to communicate with APRSIS32, the TT4 settings needed:
  ABAUD 19200
  GKRelay 8        (any value > 0 will work)
Now in APRSIS32, you need to open the Port you are connected to.
From Menu >Configure >Ports >TT4 (or the name you used)
  Now check the box next to "GPS/NMEA" to tell the app GPS data is there.
Next Enable using that GPS:
  Menu > Enables >GPS Enabled
You should see list of satellites across the bottom and the box at the top left with GPS information.

Robert Giuliano

From: "Victor Watkins kb5ako@... [aprsisce]"
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Sent: Tuesday, March 6, 2018 7:22 PM
Subject: [aprsisce] Mobile Tracker & Mobile I-Gate in Tandem

I have a mobile tracker and a mobile I-gate hooked up to a laptop in my vehicle using aprsis32 and a TT4. How do I set the mobile igate location to automatically follow where my tracker is? Currently, I have to set it to a fixed location. But, I want the I-gate location to follow my vehicle tracker location. How do I do this?

Victor, KB5AKO

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