Re: Mobile Tracker & Mobile I-Gate in Tandem

Adam Mahnke

Where is the GPS hooked up? 

You either need to use APRSIS32 to run everything through the tt4 with the GPS hooked up to the laptop


Have beaconing turned off on APRSIS32 and have the GPS pass through from the tt4 to the software.

There should be some documentation on the wiki about how to do that

I've done what you're trying with a D710 successfully for quite some time.


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I have a mobile tracker and a mobile I-gate hooked up to a laptop in my vehicle using aprsis32 and a TT4. How do I set the mobile igate location to automatically follow where my tracker is? Currently, I have to set it to a fixed location. But, I want the I-gate location to follow my vehicle tracker location. How do I do this?

Victor, KB5AKO

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