Re: Not receiving RF after a while

Michael Eckard

I let it run for a few hours this evening, and consistent with the problem I've been having, it shows now RF packets received.  (I do see it keying the radio when beaconing, though.)   I pulled the logs, and here are a few of the lines that I thought might be pertinent.

Activity:WinMain:2018-03-03T22:10:06.437 RFPort[1] PK232MBX(Simply(KISS)) 1200 via COM5:9600,N,8,1

Port(PK232MBX):WinMain:2018-03-03T22:10:06.437 Starting Port(PK232MBX)
Port(PK232MBX):Port(PK232MBX):2018-03-03T22:10:06.437 CpReader Running on COM5:9600,N,8,1 (1 OpenCmds, 1 CloseCmds)
Port(PK232MBX):Port(PK232MBX):2018-03-03T22:10:06.437 Opening COM5:9600,N,8,1
Port(PK232MBX):Port(PK232MBX):2018-03-03T22:10:06.437 Opening COM5 with 4 Args

Port(PK232MBX):Port(PK232MBX):2018-03-03T22:50:59.375 Sent[75]:<C0 00 82 A0 AE AE>b`<E0 96 8A>h<88 90 96>t<AE 82>h<AA A6 9C>j<AE 92 88 8A>d@c<03 F0>@225059h3254.32N107945.05W#ke4dhk@...<C0>

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