Re: Not receiving RF after a while

Rob Giuliano

If the computer sends data to the USB port, it will "wake it up" to send it.  It should stay awake until it times out again, so I would have expected periods of data after each transmit.

I'd be thinking about Lynn's comments on RF getting into the system.  How close are the cables to your coax, rf port of the radio, and/or antenna.

Although moreso with HTs where the antenna and everything is right there, RF causes more headaches, especially USB devices.  Do you have chokes on the USB wires?  You can find cables with them fairly easily.
Robert Giuliano

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Thanks, Ken.  I was not aware of those settings, but I have gone in device manager and turned that feature off with respect to each of the "hub" listings, as you suggested.  Hopefully that helps, but since APRSIS32 was still getting regular beacons, etc. out on the PK-232 after the RF received stations stopped showing up on the scroller, I'm not optimistic that will fix my problem.  In other words, if the power management is shutting off power to the USB port after a period of time or that was otherwise kicking the TNC out of kiss mode or something, wouldn't that equally affect the ability to transmit?  

But I'm eager to try in the hope that it could be a fix.  I'm working on mounting this station in a 4u rack case, so I have the TNC disconnected this morning, but I'll have it back connected and running this evening, which in turn means I should know if that fixed the issue in the morning and will update the post accordingly.

Thanks again.

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