Re: Not receiving RF after a while

Michael Eckard

Thanks, Lynn.  I'll check those logs as you both suggest. 

In terms of transmitting, I believe it is.  I'll pay closer attention to the issue tomorrow morning if it is not receiving RF again and will confirm by powering up and checking my mobile rig.  But in the meantime, here is what I see on   They are showing that the last station directly heard by mine was our local club digi (WA4USN-5) at 6:29am.   (That is the only fixed station in my area that I'm in reliable range of.)  Conversely, my station (KE4DHK-10) was last heard by the same club digi at 9:21am this morning, which is probably about when I powered the PK-232 down this morning to work on the rack mount box. 

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