Re: Not receiving RF after a while

Lynn Deffenbaugh

Those settings all look good and definitely Simply(KISS) is the way to go for TNCs that can be locked into KISS mode.

If you check Enables / Logging / Port() and Enables / Logging / File Enabled then your RF port will start generating debug information and that information will be placed into the current APRSIS32.LOG file.  These log files rotate every time you restart APRSIS32 and the most recent 10 are kept, so the interesting log information may be in one of the more recent numbered files when you get it.

As Robert pointed out, if the Port() has anything about "missing " that means that data is still coming from the TNC but it isn't KISS data.  Some TNCs fall out of KISS when you power cycle them (especially Kenwood APRS radios prior to the D74) and some just go deaf after a period of operation (the EJ-41U embedded in an Alinco DR-135 has this issue, but the T2/T3-135s are rock solid).

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On 3/3/2018 11:32 AM, michael.eckard@... [aprsisce] wrote:
Thanks for the response Robert.  On the PK232, I currently have it setup as Simply(KISS), though I once all the kinks are worked out I would like to set it up as KISS with appropriate start/stop commands.   The Mobilinkd was Simply(KISS), too.

The port settings on the PK232 are as follows:

Quiet time: 0
RFBaud is 1200
RF to IS is checked
IS to RF is checked
Enabled is checked
Xmit Enabled is checked
Beacon is checked

Under device, I have it on the correct com port, set for 9600 baud (which is what I have the PK-232 set for).  No parity, one stop bit.  I initially set it up with 7 data bits (which worked fine), then I set 8bit conversion to "on" on the PK-232 based on some of the recommendations on the web, and made the corresponding change in APRSIS32 to 8 data bits, and that worked just fine as well.   Same issue with stopping RF receive after a period of time either way.

Thanks for your thoughts on this.  I'm also happy to set and paste any logs that would be helpful in diagnosing the problem.

I know this isn't a commercial tech support line, so thank you to you and everyone responding to help me troubleshoot this.  I appreciate it.

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