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Lynn Deffenbaugh

I suspect that Robert is on the right track.  A simple test for this is to set the Quiet Time on the RF port to 0 which disables the quiet detection and subsequent execution of the s.  The wait and see if the port stays RF-active.

Or you can simply disable and re-enable the port and see if RF packets stop flowing.

Or to test the TNC, shut down APRSIS32 and fire up a terminal emulator and let it run monitoring the flow of data from the TNC.  If it stops after a few hours, you know it's something in the TNC or connection, not APRSIS32.  This is not 100% as there have been times that when the TNC transmits, RF comes back the line and drops USB to serial connections.  This can be verified by disabling transmit on the RF port and see if the problem goes away in that state.

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On 3/3/2018 10:33 AM, Rob Giuliano kb8rco@... [aprsisce] wrote:
I am not real familiar witht the Mobilinkd, but I am fairly familiar with the PK232.
You might comment in more detail about your port settings, so we can determine if those are causing issues.

For instance, are you using a Simply(KISS) port, or is APRSIS32 using and commands?
  If the later, where did you get the commands?

I recently helped a user who had their TNC in KISS mode, but didn't use the Simply(KISS).  The worked to take the TNC out of KISS, but the were for a different TNC (wasn't expecting to use them).

If/when the system "Quiet Time" expired (was 60 and RF not that active at times), the APRSIS32 sent the commands and the TNC exited KISS.  Unfortunately, the did not cause the TNC to re-enter KISS mode.

This was found by reviewing the port logs and finding "missing " after some period of time?

Robert Giuliano

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By way of update, still haven't been able to figure out the problem.

I reinstalled the port in APRSIS32, reset the TNC, restarted the laptop, checked (and disabled) all power saving settings...basically reset everything.  I restarted APRSIS32 and the PK-232MBX, and it was working great.  Lots of RF received stations, as indicated by "*" in the scroller.  

Happy, I went to bed.  This morning, I checked the system and same problem: it had stopped showing RF received signals at some point.  The PK-232 port is still open and showing ok in APRSIS, and it is transmitting fine.   But all stations in the scroller are coming in from IS, not RF.  (This includes one of our major digis that I can reliably receive from here.)

So, to my novice mind, the problem does not seem to be the TNC (and recall I had the same problem with the Mobilinkd TNC via Bluetooth), and it does not seem to be power settings or windows connection issues.  I can't help but think it is a timeout setting, or that I have some settings wrong, in APRSIS.

Any other thoughts or suggestions?  Anything that would cause APRSIS32 to stop recognizing RF packets after a period of time?  (And thank you in advance.)


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