Re: Not receiving RF after a while

Michael Eckard

Thanks for the response Robert.  On the PK232, I currently have it setup as Simply(KISS), though I once all the kinks are worked out I would like to set it up as KISS with appropriate start/stop commands.   The Mobilinkd was Simply(KISS), too.

The port settings on the PK232 are as follows:

Quiet time: 0
RFBaud is 1200
RF to IS is checked
IS to RF is checked
Enabled is checked
Xmit Enabled is checked
Beacon is checked

Under device, I have it on the correct com port, set for 9600 baud (which is what I have the PK-232 set for).  No parity, one stop bit.  I initially set it up with 7 data bits (which worked fine), then I set 8bit conversion to "on" on the PK-232 based on some of the recommendations on the web, and made the corresponding change in APRSIS32 to 8 data bits, and that worked just fine as well.   Same issue with stopping RF receive after a period of time either way.

Thanks for your thoughts on this.  I'm also happy to set and paste any logs that would be helpful in diagnosing the problem.

I know this isn't a commercial tech support line, so thank you to you and everyone responding to help me troubleshoot this.  I appreciate it.

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