Re: Not receiving RF after a while

Randy Love

Is it a windows pc that uses a USB->serial dongle?

If so, check the PC power setting to make sure it isn't turning off the USB after a certain amount of time.

good luck,

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Hi.  I'm hoping someone can suggest what might be wrong.  I'm sure it is probably something obvious.

I have APRSIS32 running, which I am trying to operate from my QTH as a fill-in digi and iGate.  I initially had it setup and running through a Mobilinkd TNC.  It worked fine, but it seemed like after a period of time (maybe couple hours) I would come back and the scroller was not showing anything received through RF.  More recently, I got a PK-232 and set it up to run the home station.  At first, it appeared to be working like a charm (and perhaps better than the Mobilinkd with my home radio).  But same issue...after an hour or few I look and I'm not showing RF received stations in the scroller.  (Lots of stations...just all coming through IS)

Any ideas on what the problem might be?  (The station id is KE4DHK-10)



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