Re: Gate IS to RF problem

Adam Mahnke

According to this log, from what I can tell, your station did transmit it via RF.

Do you have the Transmit log enabled?


That will give you a log of every packet the software transmits.

Is your RF Port Enabled to transmit IS to RF?

Check box on the RF Port configure.



From: aprsisce@... on behalf of masterjagarn@... [aprsisce]
Sent: Wednesday, January 24, 2018 1:38:35 PM
To: aprsisce@...
Subject: [aprsisce] Gate IS to RF problem

Hi, I am using the development version of APRSIS32 2017/07/17 15:05.

I want to gate positions from D-star units and phones in our region to APRS RF.

These objects are visible in my APRSIS32 map and on, and I want to have them transmitted to RF. 

I added a filter, m/100, pressed ctrl-I to enable filter. I have used my phone with APRSdroid for testing, and it shows up on and on the APRSIS32 map. The problem is that the phone object is not transmitted to RF. What am I doing wrong?

Here is the filter log with window title "Trace(IGate(Filter)) - SA3PJN-2":

WinMain:2018-01-24T16:49:55.923 New Filter(m/100)

WinMain:2018-01-24T16:53:15.891 Considering:SA3PJN-5 Not Found

WinMain:2018-01-24T16:53:15.891 IStoRF:IS[APRS-IS](Hit(m/62.1mi)) [0]SA3PJN-5>APDR14,TCPIP*,qAC,FIFTH:=6314.37N/01434.19E$358/001/A=001279 Patrik

WinMain:2018-01-24T16:53:15.891 IStoRF:Packet(SA3PJN-5) SA3PJN-2>APWW10,WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1:}SA3PJN-5>APDR14,TCPIP,SA3PJN-2*:=6314.37N/01434.19E$358/001/A=001279 Patrik

WinMain:2018-01-24T16:54:47.863 Considering:SA3PJN-5(IS) I: 1

WinMain:2018-01-24T16:54:47.863 IStoRF:IS[APRS-IS](Hit(m/62.1mi)) [0]SA3PJN-5>APDR14,TCPIP*,qAC,FIFTH:=6314.38N/01434.19E$/A=001276 Patrik

WinMain:2018-01-24T16:54:47.863 IStoRF:Packet(SA3PJN-5) SA3PJN-2>APWW10,WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1:}SA3PJN-5>APDR14,TCPIP,SA3PJN-2*:=6314.38N/01434.19E$/A=001276 Patrik

Overall a great software!



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