Re: Yaesu FTM-400XDR Surface 3 Win 10 Config Help?

Greg Depew

The 400 is just like the 350 in that the internal tnc is not accessible.  However using an external tnc is possible thru the data port. I personally use UZ7HO soundmodem and signallink for my home and satellite gates. If I had the the 6 to 12 pin adapter for the radio it would be very easy to go mobile with it as well.

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Are you sure the TX was working with the FTM-400XDR?

You should be able to configure the FTM-400XDR to send the data to an attached computer, but the Yaesu radios are not "PC friendly" when it comes to APRS.

I find this particular manual even more confusing on the topic than previous Yaesu APRS radios.
My "best guess" would be the following:
Page 170 "Data" section
  SPEED: 9600
  OUPUT: PACKET       (if non-functional, try WAYPOINT)
  WP FORMAT: MEAN9   (default - although that is GPS output, not PACKET)
  WP Filter: ALL
2 DATA BAND SELECT: {Your desired settings for frequency in use)
3 DATA SPEED (Assumed on air data rate) 
   APRS: 1200
   DATA: 1200
Page 171
4 DATA SQUELCH: (your desired settings)
  APRS (1 -4 skipped)

Scrolling down to 196, 197, and beyond provides some additional information. 
To me, it appears setting output to DATA will cause the internal TNC to turn off and the audio outputs of the Data Jack to be enabled (for an external TNC).

Robert Giuliano

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I had been using my Surface 3 WIn10 and Yaesu FTM-400XDR successfully with APRSIS32 as a base until the Surface 3 died. I replaced it and just cannot get RF RX/TX between the radio and PC/APRCIS32. I have a similar setup in my mobile car (Dell Venue Win10 tablet running APRSIS32 on hotspot) and have taken pics of each setup screen and confirmed match on my base. My base radio does RX/TX OK but I see no RF in APRSIS32. None listed under View:RF but the radio lists RX in the internal log - I can see a local site UNCAN received that doesn't appear on APRSIS32.Some checks:

1. Upper left on APRSIS32 alternates FTM400XDR OK and APRS IS OK,
2. Device Manger shows connection on COM3 9600 8/n/1 which I have matched under Configure:Ports:FTM400XDR:Device
3. Radio Data COM Port Speed set to 9600 Packet
4. Radio Data Data Speed set APRS 1200 Data 9600; Configure:Ports:FTM400XDR RF Baud set to 1200

I haven't had my mobile or base running for a while so anything logged today is my base.


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