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We are in the infancy of using APRS for our events and it has been getting better with each attempt.  I am just looking for the most efficient, mostly unattended (which is hard to do with radio equipment attached) and least time consuming deployment for public display.  You guys are helping to make that possible and we certainly appreciate the input!  I will be sure to post my findings once I have made the attempt to do this!

Good Morning All:

I've been watching this conversation and it occurred to me that what you are talking about may be similar to somethings we do here.

Every year on two days in July amateur radio operators provide communications for the MS Keystone Country Ride.  The ride consists of 300 to 600 bicyclists traveling 75 miles each day.  It's course travels to areas with non existent cell phone coverage and sometimes even marginal amateur radio coverage.  The Support and Gear (SAG) vehicles and a couple other vehicles are equipped with APRS beacons.  We simply use APRS.FI to monitor the positions of those vehicles for dispatching purposes.  It works very well.

On Christmas Eve every year my fire company sends two convoys of fire apparatus out to tour the venue.  Each convoy has an aerial platform with Santa Claus aboard to greet the citizens (especially children).  The aerials are each equipped with a self contained APRS beacon.  We refer to them as 'dot boxes'.  They are set to beacon at 13 and 15 seconds respectively.  This is very fast but it provides a real time view on APRS.FI of exactly where Santa is at any given time.  The SSIDs are SANTAE and SANTAW.  Call signs of the box owners are included in the text message.  The event is wildly popular and up until we did this the fire station fielded lots of calls from people asking, "Can you tell me where Santa is?"  Our press releases tell the public to go to APRS.FI and search for the SSIDs.  I'm the FF who stays at the station Christmas Eve during the event and the phone calls have almost completely gone away.

It seems that APRS.FI would be worth using so as not to worry about a server.

73, Carmine

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