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The benefit of running a local TCPIP server on your network at the event, is that you can have different computers running separate instances and each version has a follow me turned on for the lead and tail vehicles. If you had two laptops or computer monitors set up, those separate instances would each have their own display following that vehicle of interest and the map would be centered on each one. The NCS station playing with their map has no impact on those separate computers. Keep in mind you don’t want to use that term “APRS-IS”, most will confuse that term with actually being connected to the internet taking the regular APRS stream. Your plan to run TCPIP without internet will just be taking the NCS station with their off the AIR RF data and serving it to the other computers also running the program. No internet required. Many APRS programs offer this feature, I have used it for many years. Works great when your APRS computer is in the shack but you want to run a tablet, laptop or other computer to see the activity your radio and TNC see.


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Thank you to everyone for the suggestions.  I am extremely familiar with Teamviewer, as well as similar remote access software packages, but that's not what I was looking for here.  


The general consensus I am seeing here for what I am trying to accomplish is that it's probably best to just keep running APRSISCE on the display system.  If I set up a TCP/IP port on the NCS system as Lynn suggests, then point the display system to the NCS system, the NCS operators will still have full control of that map without affecting what is displayed elsewhere.  The display system will just pull RF traffic from the NCS system via APRS-IS using the TCP port and will be individually zoomable as-needed.


That brief synopsis may be a little jumbled, but given the options, I think that's the method I am going to attempt, once I have time to sit down and role play it.  


We are in the infancy of using APRS for our events and it has been getting better with each attempt.  I am just looking for the most efficient, mostly unattended (which is hard to do with radio equipment attached) and least time consuming deployment for public display.  You guys are helping to make that possible and we certainly appreciate the input!  I will be sure to post my findings once I have made the attempt to do this!





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